We Meet Again

I feel a little silly making an introduction, so instead I’ll give some explanations:

Some of you in the blogosphere may remember me as the pair of hands behind Metamorphosis, which was my cosmetics blog for just under two years. It began as a place for me to write about my aesthetic influences and experimentations, not only with cosmetics but also fashion, art, music, anything that inspired me. It just so happened that much of that was makeup. I tried to keep things fairly professional, blogging only those things above and keeping my personal life and issues as invisible as possible. But as my career grew, I found myself wondering how much of my website I really wanted potential employers or clients to see. As a makeup artist, much of my writing was relevant, but I felt as though the website linked on my cards and resumes should be more of a portfolio and less of a parade: they don’t need to see what I wear, or read, or listen to, or smear all over my face on a daily basis.

So the posts came down. They’re still there, just cleverly hidden away from the public eye. But I didn’t want to stop writing about those things. Even if nobody reads them, I enjoy writing posts about fashion, art, independent makeup brands, and everything in between. That’s why this blog was born. Think of it as Metamorphosis v 2.0, back to its roots as a chronicle of aesthetic exploration with a little bit more “me.”

In the coming weeks, I’ll be sprucing up this place and adding some much more interesting content. If I can manage it, I’d like to move this blog onto my own host, but considering my technological impairment that might take a while. I’ll be sure to announce it if that’s the case.

See you on the other side…



One comment on “We Meet Again

  1. aeraellyth says:

    I will stalk you (like a creeper) here too. ❤

    Really good to see you're doing well.

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