Showing a Little Love

A few weeks ago, the absolutely awesome Bekka of Glostix tagged me for the Liebster Award. Being a deadly combination of flighty and forgetful, this has sat as a draft on my dash since then. A lot of the content on this blog does that, actually, which I intend to remedy soon.


1) Post 11 facts about yourself.
2) Answer the questions the tagger has set for You.
3) Create 11 questions for the people You’ve tagged to answer.
4) Tag 11 people.

Bawww, this looks labor intensive. Alright, it’s ok, I’ve got this…

Eleven Facts

  1. I was raised by animals. Sure, I had human parents, but I was an only child for the better part of nine years and spent more of my time with our ever-growing menagerie or at the local zoo or park than I did around other human beings. After more than two decades in human society, I still feel more of a kinship to animals than I do my own species.
  2. I’ve been in college since I was 16. Because I was home schooled through high school, I was able to get my GED and start college earlier than most. I’ve been hopping schools and majors and programs since then.
  3. I think in sentences. My thoughts occur exactly as I would speak or write them: while there is often a visual accompaniment, it’s rare I think entirely in images and I absolutely never think in abstract concepts. Everything has a word and sometimes a picture to go with it. I’ve been told this is an odd way of doing things, but I’m really not sure how it’s done otherwise.
  4. As a kid, I had a morbid fascination with monsters. I read every book in my school’s library about urban legends, monsters, magic, the supernatural, and aliens. In first grade, I chased classmates around with a picture-book of Universal’s Dracula, and in third I tried to perform a ritual that would turn me into a werewolf by screaming at the moon and refusing to cut my thumb nails. The only “call home” my parents ever got was in forth grade, after I staged a seance in the woods behind the school at recess. Eventually, the obsession evolved into alien abductions, then angels and demons, and finally vampires. I wouldn’t say I’ve ever shaken it, but I’ve learned to hide my crazy.
  5. The only colour I haven’t dyed my hair is green. At least, not on purpose–I had some turquoise that faded to a sort of odd sea-green for a while.
  6. I’m really not a movie person. I know so many people who know so much about so many different films, some of them even able to recite scenes line by exact line. I’ve never really had the interest. Maybe I don’t have the attention span to take two hours out in order to sit down and watch a movie, and forget flipping channels and catching one in the middle. I have to be in a very specific mood to even begin a movie, let alone watch one all the way through. It’s a little different at a theater, but in my own home it’s rare I’ll pop one on.
  7. I’ve had a lot of different kinds of animals in my home, but to me fish are the most stressful pets. They’re so delicate and their environment requires such precise levels of good and bad chemicals to be maintained that I worry myself sick over them. If they become aggressive, you can’t coax them into more relaxed states and if they’re injured or sick, you can’t just take them to the vet and get them a prescription. It’s trickier. I have a lot of nightmares about my fish tank.
  8. I’ve been meatless for almost 20 years. Even as a small child, my parents had a hard time getting me to eat meat: I hated the fibrous texture and made too many connections between what was on my plate and what it was “before it got dead.” Several years ago, I developed a sensitivity to milk products and coupled with my genetic predisposition towards high blood cholesterol and heart disease, I decided to simply cut animal products all together. I’ve been completely vegan for about three years now and I can’t envision myself ever going back.
  9. I hate winter. While I love the styles of fall and winter, winter weather makes my heart sink and wither in my chest. My extremities go numb easily and I shiver uncontrollably in the cold, so I spend the November to March stretch ruing my geographic location and cursing science.
  10. Many of my dreams don’t include me. At least not the human “me” writing this right now. I’m often an animal, unable to think or feel anything except the drive for survival. It isn’t until I wake up that I can rationalize the dream in any human sense. Other times, I’m a completely different person with completely different values and completely different goals.
  11. I’m pretty sure if monsters listened to music, they’d be into dub step. Back to my monster preoccupation.

Tagger’s Questions

  1. What did you want to be when you grew up (did you do it)? Well I wanted to be a mermaid, so safe to say no, I didn’t do that. I also wanted to be a novelist and illustrator, which I’m working on. I had brief flirtations with Broadway stardom and the music industry, but realized my penchant for drama was best served elsewhere.
  2. In what format did you purchase your first album (vinyl, cassette, etc)? The first album I ever bought for myself was Queen’s A Day at the Races, and it was on CD. I was pretty proud of myself for hunting it down.
  3. Of all the things you cook, what is your “signature dish”? Pasta with veggies. I’ve certainly cooked plenty of other things for occasions that people would recognize as mine, but if you drop by unexpectedly or I need to make dinner in a pinch, this is what you’ll probably get. Pasta with sautéed spinach or broccoli rabe, garlic, olive oil, probably some form of bean and mushroom. Maybe I’ll even get creative and throw some marinated tofu in there. Another quick “signature” is the tofu scramble.
  4. What is an odd scent that brings back good memories? Cooked milk. I have a lot of scent memories involving cooked milk–between the years I spent as a barista slinging lattes and the years I spent slaving over pastry creams and crème anglaise, cooked milk features strongly in a lot of “homey” memories.
  5. When was your first encounter with makeup? Excluding face paint, I think I was about eight years old. One of my classmates had invited me to her birthday party and in her goodie bag she had included Wet ‘n Wild lipsticks. The one in my bag was supposed to be a sheer shimmer, but actually applied a chalky sort of white that nearly cancelled out my lips all together. I wasn’t sure if my parents would approve, so I would apply it and then run to the car and hide in the back seat hoping no one would see or notice. Little did I know that the weight of the heavy formula on my face forced me to contort my mouth into the most horrible duck-face–I fooled no one.
  6. What is the most terrible thing you have ever consumed? Terrible in the sense of horrible-for-you, should-be-inedible, or tasted-really-bad? I’m pretty sure the answer on all accounts would be something expired, or found in the back of my car.
  7. What do you do to cheer yourself up? I put on lipstick. It’s really amazing what a bright lipcolour can do for one’s mood.
  8. What motivated you to start blogging? Ever since I found my first blog, I knew I needed to create my own. Although the first blogs I ever read were lifestyle or personal blogs, reading more like photo journals with the occasional thoughtful advice piece, but I wanted a more cohesive blog for myself. At first I considered starting a makeup blog, but figured no one would want to see my rather un-orthodox looks and decided I should do book reviews. I considered food blogs, fashion blogs, pretty much anything I could make words about and finally decided to document the process of becoming who I really wanted to be. That’s how Metamorphosis was born. It sort of devolved into a cosmetics blog anyway, but the act of writing it and interacting with other bloggers and communities did achieve the original goal.
  9. What was your proudest moment? Completing the state board test and hearing my prompter say, “enjoy your new careers, ladies!” I worked so hard to put in my time and learn the material, let alone execute the techniques required to pass the test. I hope to accomplish even bigger and better things in the future, but I feel like I rocked that test.
  10. If other planets could support life, would you move? I don’t know if I could answer that question without more information. No, probably not. I’d need to know there was a thriving civilization, complete with art and music and theater. I could never move to a new planet without knowing that there would be a community there to find my place in. It would need metropolitan areas and a sense of culture. And no long-term health risks.
  11. If you were born the opposite sex, how different would you be? If I was raised the same way, not very. But my father is the type of person who would insist boys be raised as boys–I’d probably have more gender-related stigmas and identity issues. When I was a teenager I used to imagine myself as a boy like a pint-sized Bowie, with flaming red hair and glitter-rimmed eyes–essentially me at 19-21, except as the opposite sex.

From Me To You

  1. What was your first perfume and how did you acquire it?
  2. Do you prefer bar soap, shower gel, or something else for bathing?
  3. If it could be any colour of the spectrum, what would your “natural” haircolor be?
  4. What was your favourite childhood movie and do you think it influenced your development?
  5. What is your favourite museum, or if you’ve never been, which would you like to visit?
  6. If you could domesticate any animal, which would you keep as a pet?
  7. Do you think your name suits your personality?
  8. If you could do it all over again, what career would you pursue?
  9. Where is your “Happy Place?”
  10. What was your least favourite “required reading” book in school and why?
  11. Did your family have any odd traditions growing up?


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I know this has been going around for a while, so some of you might have all ready completed this–don’t worry about it! Don’t want to do it? It’s okay! If you weren’t tagged and want to answer the questions, go ahead! Link me your post in the comments!


3 comments on “Showing a Little Love

  1. a rainbow at night says:

    “I have to be in a very specific mood to even begin a movie, let alone watch one all the way through. It’s a little different at a theater, but in my own home it’s rare I’ll pop one on.”

    Oh my goodness, I am the EXACT same way. It’s a miracle when I actually take time and focus to watch a film. People don’t seem to undersatnd just how much it drains me MENTALLY and EMOTIONALLY to force myself to watch a movie! I don’t know how people do it.

    I filled out the questions. I will post it soon!

  2. […] bloggers and best of friends, Luna at Bella Cantarella, has nominated me for my second blog honour, The Liebster Award! It’s German for “sweetheart,” from what I can gather, and it’s […]

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