Take In Your Memories: Innocent+Twisted Alchemy’s Endless Rain Collection

It’s no secret that I’m incredibly impressed with Innocent + Twisted Alchemy‘s branding: owner Linda not only makes incredibly pretty, unique colours, but also draws her own logo and marketing images. Shopping her store is fun and interesting because of all the personal touches she adds to her products. When she released her new line of shadows, I knew there was no way I could resist.

With labels designed by another talented artist, Strawberry MilkMade, the collection of eight new shadows bears the name of one of my favourite X Japan songs, Endless Rain. That alone would have sold me–I never pass up the chance to wear a song on my eyes, much less one so nostalgic for me. I picked up the full collection, each one contained in a beautifully labeled 5g jar, packed full without a sifter. The following swatches are over Darling Girl’s Glitter Glue in direct sunlight.

Weed Whacker is an “olive with gold and blue shimmers.” The base is most definitely a rich olive green, full of bright gold and light blue sparkle.

Sleepwalking Pastorals is described as a “warm green with a subtle golden duochrome and sprinkles of blue sparkles.” Next to Weed Whacker, it appears a bit cooler and more blue though I can’t quite tell if that’s because of the base or the quantity of blue sparkle. On its own, the gold shift can cause it to appear a bit more olive in tone.

The title shade, Endless Rain, is a “soft metallic teal with a green sheen with sprinklings of white sparkles” and truly a beautiful shade. The teal-y base has a lovely aqua shift and glitters like raindrops when the light hits the white sparks. It’s every bit the colour I would imagine the song to be.

Needs More Lace, a “medium purple with a blue duochrome and aqua sparkles,” gave me a hard time on camera. I think it showed up fairly accurately in direct light, but the blue shift in this shade can make it appear much darker on camera than it is. The base is a lovely dusty blue-based violet, made even cooler by the blue shift. The sparkles in this shade are more subtle than in any other colour in this collection.

Cold Grace is an interesting shade. Described as a “purple that has a red undertone with blue shimmers and sprinkles of fuchsia sparkles,” it almost appears pink at times. The violet base has a strong red tone that almost pulls fuchsia, though the blue shimmer keeps it looking distinctly purple when it kicks in. I feel like I see some gold sparkle to it, but it could be the way the light catches the fuchsia spark.

Lavish Lollipops, a “mauve pink that has a lavender undertone with a strong gold duochrome and gold shimmer,” is an unexpected favourite of the collection. With a rosy, cool pink base and very distinct gold shimmer, this makes an excellent base colour for so many looks. It’s incredibly versatile.

1000 Cherry Trees is, quite simply, a “pale, frosted pink.” Such a pale pink that it almost seems white, this is an excellent highlight. Used lightly, it’s a natural-looking glow. Layered over a tacky primer, it’s a bright, opaque shimmer. The owner mentioned on her blog that this colour was originally part of a trio for a co-worker’s wedding and I simply cannot imagine a more appropriate bridal shade.

Velvet Tears is a truly amazing colour. Described as a “warm red with green, turquoise, and blue shimmers,” this shade was meant to be an eyeshadow version of Lipstick Queen’s Monarch. I don’t have the lipstick to compare it to, but this shade appears to me to have more of a brown-toned berry base, though perhaps it is the result of the ultra-cool shimmer. It’s nearly impossible to capture the amazing variation of colour in the shimmer with my prehistoric camera.

Innocent + Twisted is currently on hiatus, but when they’re back I would definitely recommend grabbing any of these shades that strike you. My personal favourites are Lavish Lollipops, Velvet Tears, and the eponymous Endless Rain.